What you need:

* paper / pencil / pen 

* a jotter (notepad)

If you do not have access to a printer, just use a blank piece of paper and draw 4 circles.

KIT YAA Worksheet BubbleBrainstorming.jp

Writing Techniques and Brainstorming

Using the Why, Where, What, When, How & Who’s

Module 1 - Brainstorming and Ideas Creation

If you ask any writer, we generally have trouble choosing the topic that we wish to write about. If we don't, it's because we began writing because of that said-topic. 

For young writers, engaging their imagination is what they do best. 

Even if your child is not an enthusiastic writer, you can for sure, still believe that they will have an amazing imagination and at least something that they can talk about - if not write about.

Please watch our video and use this worksheet (Bubble Brainstorming) to have your young writer develop some ideas that they could / would want to write about. 

By design, the worksheet has 4 sections (circles), so that your young writer can have the options to write details on 4 different types of stories/genres etc. 

How to think of ideas?

* Have your young writer think (and make notes) about what they love to do in their spare time (this could turn into an adventure, a hero, or even a friendship story


*  What does your young writer like to 'read' ? 

 (this could help think of ideas to 'write' about)

Other story ideas:

* mystery / sleuth stories [finding a missing item {gem, rare stone etc}]

* friendship stories [amongst friends or family]

* animal adventures [the story could be about animals]

* A diary ?  [possibly inspired by wimpy kid, or dork diary stories]

* An alien story [invasion on Earth? or trip to space]

The ideas are endless.

Module 1 - Hints and Tips:

* Please do not expect your young writer to write paragraphs here - only ideas in bullet points 

* If your young writer wishes to only complete 1 circle - because they already have their idea in mind, this is great!! Please encourage them to write  as many details about their 'idea' as possible in the circles. 


* Use a separate page as a jotter if they run out of space.