Welcome to Module 10 -


Finishing your Story

In this module, we aim to finish your story.

Your Challenge today:

Take a read of some of the points here to keep you motivated to finish your story. 

* Remember to keep your story interesting


* Keep your Story Map and Plan nearby

     (even if you change your story along the way)

* Remember your  W's

     The W's {Why, When, What, Where, How and Who}

     These will help you discover more details about your story and enhance it.

You will surprise yourself as to how much detail you can create just through asking yourself the Q questions. 

* Continue to monitor that you are keeping on track with your story and making sense. 

Your FINAL Challenge :

Does your story have any loose ends that you haven't explained? 

or haven't informed your reader of what happened to a character or 'thing/event'?

When you are finished your story - or wish to read through your story, pretend that you are the reader - and try to pretend that you are reading the story for the first time. 

Is it interesting?

Does it make sense?

Does it make you feel like you want to continue reading? 

Is there anything missing in your story that needs you to explain more? 

Congratulations, this is now the end of the final Module...

I hope you have enjoyed the Online Modules. 

Good luck and happy writing. 

Please feel free to contact me at youngauthoracademy@gmail.com 

if you wish to share any part of your story.

Mieke. :-)

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