Module 3a - Clauses

In today's Module, we are expanding upon slightly sentence creation and will be touching on Clauses. 

You may or may not have studied this at school, however, it is good to know the various types of clauses before we move onto writing and beginning our stories. (This will be tomorrow)

See the overview I have given you and refer to it when we are discussing the different clauses. 

Now, it's your Challenge...

Using this knowledge (and using the information from the last module), can you write a sentence with and Independent and a dependent clause. 


* Your Noun and Verb  

* an adjective or two

* an adverb

* a fabulous conjunction

* a dependent clause (ie: the 2nd sentence that is needed to explain the first sentence)


I will give you a few examples:

Brian ran through the backyard, amongst spiky, green thistles because he was being chased by a ferocious dog.

Let's use the same sentence and have it begin with the dependent clause.

Because he was being chased by a ferocious dog, Brian ran through the backyard, amongst the spiky, green thistles.

Now, let's continue with the sentence and add some more expression and a couple of more 'parts of speech' AND some W Questions. (just a couple, because in a Module or 2's time, we are going to be focussing more on full paragraph writing) and some more parts of speech (similes, metaphors etc)

so, some more detail?

Q: Why?      A: he had been somewhere he shouldn't have been

Q: Where?  A:  In the old man's backyard

Q: When?   A:  At dusk (evening), on a cold night.

Because he was being chased by a ferocious dog, Brian ran through the backyard, amongst the spiky, green thistles.

He had trespassed onto the old man's property; somewhere he should not have been. It was just on dusk and Brian was scared, as he wondered if he would ever find his way out of the darkening and uneven ground and away from the vicious dog.

so this is my extension sentence, but it has another Independent AND dependent clause (as he).

Ok, so we have touched a little more on sentences (independent and dependent clauses).

Have a practice yourself with a few sentences and I will see you in the next Module. 

In Module 4, we start our storyboarding :-)

Happy Writing,




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