Module 4 - Story boarding

Ok!  Today we are going to have fun with Storyboarding!

Your Challenge today...

...will be to create a storyboard for your new story

Let's begin... 

1. Please see our worksheet here (attached)

or if you do not have access to a printer, just write down the boxes with headings.

Let's cover the sections here....

How does your story start?          

  [Remember to use your W's -What? Where?]

Who are the characters in your story?

  [Remember to use your W's -Who?]

What are the characters doing? 

  [Remember to use your W's -Why?  etc]

       Is there a problem?

What is an exciting moment in your story?

     [This is when your story really develops/continues and you add some exciting things to happen]

How was the problem solved?

     [This is when your story really develops/continues and you solve the problem or answer a       

      Question that will come from your story]

How does your story end?

     [You may not even know what to do here yet. Unless you do, don't worry about this one yet]

Please watch the video here and I will run through a couple of examples. 

On the next module I am going to show you MY storyboard - so that you can see what I have done on this module.

Happy Writing,  

Please feel free to WhatsApp me a picture of your sentence 

See you on the next Module.


Story-boarding continued

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