Module 4a - Story boarding continued

Ok!  Today we are going to continue to have fun with Storyboarding!

On this video, I run through MY storyboard. 

This is really just to show you how I create mine. It can help to check and expand on yours.

Your Challenge today...

To fill in a couple of more details for your story that you are about to start (or you may have already started).

Hang in there, during the next module we will begin to write the story -

I just want to spend some time storyboarding so that you think very

carefully about the story itself. 

The details DO matter. 

So, here are some tips on how to continue writing your storyboard:

How does the story start:    

This is all about the setting. Where does the story start?

Is it at home? At school? In a magical land? In a library? On holidays?

The choices of setting are endless.

Who are the Characters?

This is important to get the details of your characters correct. 

Tip:  If you love to draw/illustrate, you can spend some time on bringing your characters to life by drawing them. 

    Remember though, there is more to character creation than 'what they look like' (their appearance, physical features). Bringing characters to life means just as much about their personality, their likes and dislikes etc. 

* I will have a special 'character creation' video out soon! 

What are the characters doing?

This is really expanding on setting your scene. 

In your story, you could launch straight into the issue/problem of the story or you could spend some time writing about what your characters are doing in the story. 


What is the exciting moment in your story?

There could be many exciting moments. 

But remember to have at least 1, as you want to write an exciting and interesting story so that your reader continues to read your book. 

How was the problem solved?

There may not be a problem in your story. It could simply mean, what happens in your story to explain the exciting moments or maybe tell more of your story. 

How does your story end?

You may not even know this until the very end of your story.

For the meantime, if you want to leave it until you start to write your story, that is absolutely fine. 

You could for now, have some 'option's for what happens. This then may help you build your story. 

Ok! so, this is an explanation for each of the boxes on the worksheet. 

Please just continue to write 'details'. 

We MAP out our story tomorrow and then we start the story !!!!

Hang in there, the planning phase is coming to an end! 

You'll have a story in no time. 

See you on the next module. 

Mieke. :-)


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