Module 4c - Character Creation

Welcome to Character Creation.

Today, ​we have fun with characters. 

This is where we bring your characters to life in order to add more interesting details to your story. This is where we can also have some fun, particularly if you like to draw. 

Your Challenge:


Print the worksheet (to the right here). 

If you do not have access to a printer, just take a blank piece of paper and write the headings down. 

Take a look at my page here and see some examples. 

WHY should we do this?

Bringing your characters to life will give your story some more details, description and interesting things for your reader to learn about. However, more importantly, as you create your story, chances are, you will develop a fabulous purpose for your character and more of a storyline. 

Please watch my video and I will explain this and a little more.

Mieke. :-)

YAA create character .jpg

Let's start our stories