Module 4b - Story Mapping

Welcome to Module 4b - Story Mapping. 

Today, ​we run through Story-mapping.

Story-mapping is slightly different to story-boarding, as it runs through the story chronologically. From the start of the story - right through to the ending. 

So, let's put this into action.....

Your Challenge:


Take a blank piece of paper​ and draw a wavy line from the top

left corner. (see like Image 1)

Label the ends :  START and END. 

Along the line, start to plot the 'events' that will happen in your story. 

Take a look at mine here (Image 2) 

I have plotted my 'events' (the things that will happen in my story)

so that I can start to build the story - with the exciting moments

along the way. 

WHY should we do this?

The short answer is, you do not need to! 

I do think, however, it is a good idea so that you can keep

focussed on your story and so that you can remind yourself

what you have written, and what you are planning to write

along the way. This keeps you focussed on where your

story is heading - as you continue to write. 

Please remember the W's ! 

As you write your 'events', on the bottom side of the curve, ask yourself

the questions. These questions will help build your story and help you

along the way to remember the important details. Write these questions

below the curve.

Did you write the PLOT POINTS along the way?

Refer to Image 2 - do you see the plot points?

These markers will help you connect your story - so,

* that it stays interesting, 

* it makes sense

* that you don't lose track ! 

How is your story IDEA coming along?

See you on the next module where we start

                 Sentence writing and character creation. 

Mieke. :-)

YAA Story MAP template.jpg
IMG_4459 2.HEIC