Module 5 - Let's start your story

Congratulations, you have been working very hard to

PLAN your story. 

Now we start to actually write your story.

Throughout the next many modules, you will be writing your

story and I will be sharing many many tips and hints as

I write my story too. 

Your Challenge today:

.. is to start your story.

First we begin with your story setting. 

Can you start your story by setting the scene. 

1) Use your bubble-brainstorming worksheet to remember your story idea

2) Take your story map and your storyboard worksheets and 'remember' where your story starts. 

So the basics of my story are:

* a group of teenagers in a boarding school  

* They go for a walk in the nearby forest on a weekend (a break from school)

* They find a hidden cave - deep in the forest, where they find an ancient book 

* The book is filled with codes and unknown "ancient written-word" 

* They discover that they must crack the code and solve the codes in the book 

* The codes (once solved) will lead them to a mysterious old-civilisation through a portal where they see and meet beautiful creatures 

The end?  I have no idea yet. 

Just some hints before you begin:

1)     Pick the tense of your story (and remember to stick to it)

            In the past ?  Are you retelling your story?

           Current?      Is it 'happening'?


2)     Remember to include some dialogue in the story. It brings the character to life a little more, through speech and conversation.  

3)     Just keep writing.....and keep referring to your story map to keep on track.

Let's Begin... 

So, today I am going to start the beginning of my story. 

Now, here is where you use the parts of language (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives etc) and your Why, What, When, Where, How and Who's to use in your sentences. 

So here goes.......

It was the first day back at school for Rua. She was starting Term 1 of Grade 7 and 

she was so nervous. After such a long holiday back home in Italy with her family, Rua settled into her new dorm room. She had no idea who she was going to bunk with this year. She was hoping it would be Sarah, her best friend from Grade 6.


Rua and her mum walked slowly through the gates of "Devonport Boarding School," while her dad parked their car. The parking lot of the school was slowly filling up with cars. Families were already starting their drop their children off for another term. Rua really enjoyed her school break. The family stayed in Italy for a week together and then they decided to take a trip to Egypt for a few days. Rua had always wanted to visit Egypt. She loved studying ancient history and ancient Egypt was one of her favourite ancient civilisations.


As Rua went to sign in for the new term, Rua's mum and dad went to speak with the Boarding School Principal, who was standing at the front steps of the school greeting the students as they returned for a brand new school term. The boarding school was a magnificently large dark brown bricked building surrounded by an abundance of pine trees. Rua loved to go for long walks in the forest with her friends on weekends.  


Ok...... so I shall stop there....  

In my first few paragraphs, I made sure to write:  

In THIRD person (I am retelling a story that happened to my character, Rua) 

Where I was? At school (Devonport Boarding School)

Who?   Rua is my main character. She has a mum and a dad. (we are not sure yet, if she has any siblings), perhaps they will come later in the story. 

I gave a little insight into Rua's family, setting, the school and a couple of little hints as to what will be ahead in my story. 

Please watch my video and I will talk a little more about starting your story. 

Good luck and happy writing. 

Mieke. :-)

Let's continue our stories