Welcome to Module 6 - Continuing your Story

So far, we have run through some writing exercises to learn:


* What to include when writing a good story

* Parts of speech that are important to include when writing sentences and paragraphs

* how to storyboard and story map your piece of writing

* how to create a character personality, and then 

* how to start your story.

Throughout the next many modules, we will be continuing

to write our stories and I will be sharing many many tips

and hints to help along the way.

Your Challenge today:

.. is to continue the next part of your story. 

Recap where you ARE in your story, and think about "what happens next?"

(Always just ask.... What Happens Next?)

If 'the words' don't come freely, jot down some notes about the 'scene' or the chapter that you are writing, and continue to ask yourself questions.....

* what is actually happening in this part of the story

* what is the drama/problem?

* Who is the scene/part about? What are they doing?

Then just starting writing some basic sentences about what is happening. 

You can always go back and add some additional expressive words and phrases. 

The final module (Module 10) will cover that. 

Remember to ​always use your story map - to stay on track and keep focus. 

If you get stuck, try moving on to:

* describing a character that you have in your story

* draw your character (if you like to draw) 

* answering some questions about your own storyline/plot 

        (For instance, Where? Where is your story set? 

     Who?  Who is in the 'scene' that you are writing? 

What?  What is happening now (in this current part of your story)?  

Will it lead to an exciting part?      

What will be discovered in this scene/chapter/part of the story?  

If you get really stuck, think of another way to help you.

Consider that your story is a 'movie scene'.

Think about:

* Who is in the scene

* What is the scenery surrounding them? (describe that with immense detail)

Loads of adjectives and expressive words. 

Are you finding it difficult to keep focussed and motivated to write your story?

Here are some tips for how to keep motivated:

* Keep a special book (if you hand-write) in the 'one' place (always)

    (that way, you will never lose your book). Use this also for jotting down notes. 

* Aim to write just 1 paragraph at least a day or some notes 

   (that way you will always keep interested in your writing - with no pressure to have to write too much each day.

My story progress....

In my last piece, I wrote the first part of the first Chapter - introducing the main character. I also gave some hints about what the story will be about...

The next part of my story will be where Rua and her family settle into the school dorm.

Rua will unpack her things and her parents will leave and say farewell. She will then have the following week of 'school' normal experiences. Until the weekend comes.......

*that's when the next chapter will begin, and I will be having Rua and her new / existing school friends go on a walk through the forest. 

That's when they will come across a cave opening and discuss whether they should go down the deep hole. 

Here are some of my notes, moving forward: 

* Rua reunites with her dorm room-mate 

* Describe Rua's new friends

* Describe what Rua and her close friend did during the school holidays.

* Rua will go for a walk with her friends in the forest

* Rua and friends will come across a cave opening......

Please watch my video and I will talk a little more about continuing your story. 

Good luck and happy writing. 

Mieke. :-)

Recapping the W's & checking in...