Welcome to Module 8 -

Writing and touching-on writing techniques

In this module, we  is all about recapping on the important parts of your storyline/StoryMap. 

Refer back to your StoryMap​ and your Storyboard.

Your Challenge today:

.. is to 'check in' on the details of your story. 

Do you have enough detail to keep motivated to write your story?

This should only take about 5-10 minutes. 

Look at your story map.

Did you describe (in your writing) the opening of your story well enough? 

If you passed your story to someone in your family now, would they ask you questions and want to know more detail? Or would they be happy enough with what you have written?

The magic question is..... Do they 'really' want to keep reading your book?

After you have revised your notes and your story, please continue to write the next part of your story.

For motivation, like the last module, I ask you :

Are you finding it difficult to keep focussed and motivated to write your story?


Here are some tips for how to keep motivated:

* Keep a special book (if you hand-write) in the 'one' place (always)

    (that way, you will never lose your book). Use this also for jotting down notes. 

* Aim to write just 1 paragraph at least a day or some notes 

   (that way you will always keep interested in your writing - with no pressure to have to write too much each day.

Please watch my video and I will talk a little more about continuing your story. 

Good luck and happy writing. 

Mieke. :-)

What we do 'wrong'