YAA Programs

Join our 9-week online workshops and become part of a community of young writers who have published their stories and have become Published Authors. 6 group workshops + 3 one-on-one workshops.


In completing this program, you will:​​

  • complete a story while practicing writing skills

  • gain knowledge in writing protocols and language devices (proper use and application of verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.)

  • learn the intensive application of sentence and paragraph writing, progressing into creative story writing

  • experience what it takes to complete a book after writing and completing a manuscript

  • design and have your book published

Working at Home
Distance Learning
Doing Homework

~ Masterclasses ~

1/2 day and

Full Day


During the school holidays, we host fun 1/2 and

full day  Masterclasses.

Have fun with other young writers - face to face.


Dates to be confirmed