"When the Unknown
                       Became known"

By Yaash Chopra

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Three short and fabulous stories about being brave, grateful and loving.


The Spooky Address / The Scary Flight / My Unforgettable Birthday

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About the Author

Yaash is an incredibly vibrant ten year old living in Dubai. He believes in being himself and that life should be balanced; with learning, loving and great happiness. Yaash believes that expertise and long-term goals form once we take on life as an adventure. His friends are his life and he makes happy memories everyday.


At school, Yaash’s favourite subject is Science, and particularly, the sustainability projects that he has worked on. He is very keen to learn about a sustainable planet and initiatives around it, and in his spare time, he loves playing basketball, cricket and tennis. 


Yaash’s favourite hobbies are cooking and sports. When he leaves school, Yaash wishes to seek a career in the medical field to help people’s well-being. 

To make the world a better place, Yaash wishes to become a doctor and to serve everyone regardless of their financial strengths.


I am a boy that is no extra ordinary,

I am a boy that my mum believes in.

I believe adventure  is not scary,

It makes the true me

And that’s what you will see……

Through my thoughts and my book.