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"Upon The Wings of A Falcon"

Written by Yaash Chopra

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"I am just an ordinary child, but I believe I became an extraordinary child with a blessing of being raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I decided to write this book as a memory of my childhood, and I am sure children who grew up with me in Dubai, can relate to this book also."

- Yaash Chopra

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About the Author

Yaash is a vibrant twelve year old, living in Dubai. At school, his favourite subjects are  Spanish, Maths and Technology and his favourite hobbies are cooking, playing cricket and tennis, and travelling.


When he leaves school, Yaash wishes to become a dentist and give back to the community through his profession. To make the world a better place, Yaash believes in teaching people that self confidence is not something people give you but something you own and believe in.


Yaash believes that life teaches us many things. Through low and high times, Yaash has been able to grow and learn how to control his resilience and confidence. His family hold a strong set of principles, including that self belief is bigger than any achievement. Yaash's self belief and inner confidence is a continuous pathway of growth for him.

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