"Heroes Age of Survival"

By Yassin Salem

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Come on a thrilling adventure with Stuart, Alice and their friends

when they go in search for cheats for their favorite online game.


Mystery, danger and adventure awaits them in the most unnerving way. Ancient relics and mysterious creatures in an underground dystopia, challenges them in their individual quests for what they think is important.


Their online game-play becomes of secondary importance to what they actually discover.Will they discover and retrieve their game cheats? or Will they be stuck in a world of continual battle and vengeance.



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About the Author

Yassin is 11 years old and lives in Dubai.

In his spare time, Yassin loves to read and write. His vivid imagination is spellbinding

and his love for fantasy and mythical storytelling is highly entertaining. 

Yassin’s favorite school subjects are Maths, English and Science. 

Yassin is most happy when he with his friends. 

When Yassin leaves school, he wishes to continue to be an Author.