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"Into the Jurassic"

By Zeineb Bourouni

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The ignorant members of the Pluck Family attempt to go on an innocent trip.
However, everything doesn't proceed according to plan...
What happens when they find themselves lost somewhere they shouldn't be? 
Can they escape or is there no hope?


at your local marketplace

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About the Author

Zeineb is a seventeen year old Dubai based Author who has had the passion and a dream of becoming a Writer and Author for years. In her spare time, Zeineb loves to write, draw and read fiction books. She also loves to paint and cycle.  

At school, Zeineb’s favourite subject is Science and upon leaving school, she would like to study to become a Doctor, perhaps with some writing and publishing on the side.


To make the world a better place, Zeineb wishes to provide the world with entertaining books to read, and hopefully write a bestseller that will change lives and inspire people to always strive to be a better version of themselves. 

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