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By Aarav Vashnavi

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The World is in Danger.

Kohsheen has struck.

The Seven have arrived.

When the small girl's true mythical identity was discovered, everything changed. The world as they knew it would cease to exist with the havoc that reigned. Only one man could stop her, but only with the help of The Seven.

Will they find a way to put an an end to the destruction that Kohsheen wishes to cause or will they die to Kohsheen's wrath.

"A wonderful imagination comes to life in Vashnavi's first book, Kohsheen. I was delighted to read it and look forward to Vashnavi's future works!"


- Jacek Waliszewski, Award Winning Author, Air Boat 2

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About the Author

Aarav is a remarkably imaginative and accomplished eleven year old Dubai-based Author. At school, Aarav’s favourite subjects are English, Science and Biology, and in his spare time, he loves to read, research, write and spend time with family.

When he finishes school, Aarav wishes to become a Pharmacist with the passion and drive to one day be responsible for creating new medicine.

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