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The Great Escape

By Sahil Mirchandani

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After seeing some strange paranormal activity from his neighbours backyard, Sahil decided to take a look at what was happening. Almost believing it was a dream, he never thought anything more about it...

Until Sahil boarded a plane headed for the United States.

What Sahil never expected to experience was an intergalactic flight that would not only change his whole world but the existence of the entire universe.

Will Sahil return home safely or will the circumstance of events change the world forever?


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Sahil is a twelve year old vibrant young Dubai-based Author. At school, Sahil’s favorite subject is Maths and Science and in his spare time, he loves to create new designs, mostly with cardboard, creating and using new designs and technology.

Some of Sahil’s favorite hobbies and things to do include playing football and skiing. Sahil also loves to travel, having visited sixty countries already.


When he finishes school, Sahil is considering a career in the field of Design and Technology. His ambition includes creating and inventing useful and unique things to use in daily life.

To make the world a better place, Sahil believes innovation and creating new things for people to make their lives easier. Sahil also believes in helping the community. He recently collected 200 old books (from the community) and read them to raise money through Repton School for the local charity organisation, Dubai Cares. 

About the Author

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